re: Croy

Cathleen Spence (OFHS) put me touch with Heather Croy whose husband Jim descends from a Robert Croy and Mary Brock who were married in Stronsay ca. 1755.

This Robert Croy was however not the same man as a contemporary Robert Croy –also on Stronsay- who was the Pandora’s William Croy’s father Robert, married to a Margaret Chalmers.  Possibly however, these 2 Roberts Croy were 1st cousins, with a common paternal grandfather.

Heather Croy subsequently advised me that her genealogy of her husband James Croy’s ancestors went back as far as Robert Croy and Mary Brock; her e-mail dd. 23 Sept said she was

‘able to trace a direct line from my husband to Robert Croy / Mary Brock – but it is through Jean Croy, a daughter of Magnus (son of Robert & Mary) But: Jean Croy (daughter of Magnus) married James Croy. I have some evidence to suggest that James is possibly a son of Robert Croy (your William’s brother). So my husband may have a direct male line if James is a son of Robert Croy jnr.’

A later email from Heather said that there was also  ‘evidence to suggest that the same William’s brother Robert also had a son called William who married Margaret Croy (Jean’s Sister) and emigrated to Australia with their family. They emigrated in 1851 on the Oregon to Adelaide. If this correct then brother and sister married brother and sister. There were at least 6 Croy families in Stronsay + Sanday and mainland Orkney at that time with families and a lot of Roberts! but not so many Williams. Using the Christian names is a good indicator of which belong together’ 

Confused? …..errr yeah a tad!  Especially as there appear to be several generations discussed in Heather’s mail. Even so, it strikes me that if the James Croy who married Jean Croy is indeed Pandora-William’s nephew, then Heather’s Jim Croy should have the same Y chromosome DNA.

Edward & Robert Croy

There’s good (IGI) evidence that Wm. Croy had two brothers (Edward & Robert) …. very encouraging actually.  But Lynda Hodgkinson’s research -she’s the SLQ’s resident Orkney genealogy ‘oracle’ b t w- indicated to me in a flurry of emails from Lynda that neither brother appears to have been married….ergo no lawful offfspring (which would have been recorded)

Is this going to be a brick wall?

Pronouncing Cray’s name

Wm.Cray’s name may have been misspelled by the Pandora’s clerk as it may have been pronounced to sound that way but was usually spelled as ‘Croy’- a well-established Orkney name. (Pers.comm. Kay Davidson)

Mackey and Mackie or Miller and Millar are often also found to be interchangeable as there were no consistent spelling rules.