ABC radio interview

This is an edited version of the interview that was recorded a few days ago at the ABC Southbank studio in Brisbane. It was broadcast this morning in the program series  ‘Conversations with Richard Fidler‘.

You can listen to the interview or download the mp3 file.

92 intact skeletons from the Mary Rose

Bones of more than 170 individuals were recovered from the wreck of the Tudor warship Mary Rose. 92 individuals are almost entirely intact.





A similar situation: mystery of 200+ year old Coldstream guardsman

The 200-year-old skeletal remains of a British soldier have been discovered in sand dunes in North Holland. A contemporary of the Pandora’s Tom, Dick & Harry.  

Who was he?  Archaeologists and historians have been finding out. >

Another model on display in the Pandora Inn

There’s apparently another model (a different one) of the Pandora (frigate b t w !) on display in the Pandora Inn in Mylor (near Falmouth, Cornwall) I’ve sent a question in a comment to the Falmouth Packet enquiring where the ‘old one’  got to.

Science Festival paper

I am excited about going back to Orkney in a few days’ time  to present a general overview of the project at the International Science Festival –  OISF.   But I will first spend a few days in London at the National Archives in Kew to check on a few Admiralty sources – e.g HMS David‘s books (Adm 36/11085)

My paper is scheduled for 5 pm on  12 Sept.


Scotland on Sunday article

Howie Firth’s recent press release made a bit of a splash in Scotland on Sunday

The Orcadian

The project seems to be generating some interest.  Howie’s press release is being picked up