James Cullimore

James Cullimore (JC1) – Also spelled Cullemore. Baptised on 29th June 1765 (St Mary’s, Bromley)  He was 25 years old when recruited; he appeared on 22nd Aug. 1790 as LM; was promoted to ‘AB’ (Able seaman) on 1st Dec. 1790, £2.18s advance paid to him.  He was ‘discharged dead’ on 29th Aug 1791.  

£9.14s.6d was remitted to his heirs; among whom, his sister Eleanor Roberts, who received another 2d on final pay-off on 23 April 1793!

He left a will in favour of his sister Elinor (sic) Roberts (a milliner and mantua-maker from Bromley) This fact is revealing – he probably did not have a wife to leave his wages to…ergo, he may not have had offspring either!  However, the IGI mentions a James Cullimore’s burial on 24 May 1848 (This James C. -who died at age 59- came from Finchley; he would have been born in 1789)

This James Cullimore (=JC 2) could be JC1’s son; however JC1’s brother Thomas (b 1759) married Sarah Flowers in 1788, they may have had a son named James as well (=JC 2) who was  born about 1789, cf. a burial was recorded on 24 May 1848 for a James Cullimore of Finchley (Age 59)  (=JC2) If JC2 was Thomas Cullimore’s son, he would have been JC1’s nephew and therefore had the same Y chromosome signature.

So, was JC2 JC1’s son, or his nephew?  Or was he not related? (Consider 18th C distance between Bromley and Finchley – although both in ‘Greater’ London area!)

Maybe JC 2’s mother -JC1’s wife- had died in childbirth and he lived with his aunt (Eleanor Roberts, nee Cullimore) Hence Eleanor as JC1’s beneficiary and not one of JC1’s three other sisters!?  The IGI lists at least 3 of JC1’s other siblings: Anna (b 1758)   Sarah (b 1760) and Mary (b 1762) as well as Thomas (b 1759) and Eleanor (b 1767)