James Miller

Age 21, from Orkney, recruited by HMS David (Adm.36/11085) He appeared on board the Pandora on 8th Sept. 1790, from the  David (tender) He was rated as an ‘Ord’ and paid a £2 bounty; and considered a volunteer. “Discharged dead” from the Pandora’s muster on 29th Aug 1791.

£5 12s 6d in ‘neat’ wages for James Miller were paid out on 26 June 1793 to a William Miller,of  Buckland parish, Eday. (Orkney)(Adm.35/1360, Pandora’s pay book)  This may be a brother or his father or grandfather; or an uncle or cousin.

Neat wages paid out to William Miller (Adm.35/1360)

There are several people called James Miller or Millar born within one or two years of each other in Orkney.  (see Davidson post dd 6 Dec 2012)

As the Pandora’s James Miller was recruited at age 21 in August 1790, he must have been born before 31st Aug 1769. However if he meant he was in his 21st year when recruited, he could also have been born in 1770.

The IGI lists 1 contender for these dates, who also had a brother called William:  James Millar, b: June 1770 in Firth & Stenness; father Robert Millar, mother Marjery Harvie.  He had 2 brothers: William (b: 1775) and Robert (b:  1772) both also born in Firth and Stenness. However, at 18 William Millar may have been too young to collect James’ “neat” wages in 1793.

On the other hand,according to the IGI the only James Miller whose  father was named William was born or baptised in Westray  (Papa Westray)  in September 1767, making that James Miller almost 23 when recruited in August 1790;  so, on the age criterion there is no exact ‘fit.’

No data has been found to date re another Miller family in Buckland parish, Eday.