Robert Bowler

Robert Bowler – A volunteer, age 27. From London;  according to the IGI he was christened on 6th Jan. 1763 at St James, Westminster. He appeared on board  on 10th Aug 1790, was rated ‘Ord’ and received a £2 bounty. He was subsequently appointed as purser’s steward on 30th Sept. 1790.  He also received £3.14s advance pay.

He was ‘discharged dead’ on 29th Aug 1791 (at age 28)   His sister Theodosia (one of 3 of his siblings, cf. IGI) received £8 1s.6d. in ‘neat wages’ on 13th Nov.1792. (Adm. 35/1360) This is revealing – as is the case with his shipmate James Cullimore, Robert Bowler appears to have been unmarried and childless, although in his late 20’s at the time he was serving in the Pandora. If married and a father, surely his wife would have received his ‘neat’ wages?

His brother (Thomas Alexander Bowler, b 1764) appears to have been married twice; his first spouse’s name and p o b have not been traced to date, but he remarried (age 42)  one Rhoda Woodward in 1806.  Thomas may have had children who have not been traced to date (Sept. 2012)

Their sister Theodosia married a John Smith Bowler and gave birth at least once (to Mary Bowler, baptised 14 Apr 1802, St Pancras Old Church)

Their father (Robert Bowler) had married their mother (Elizabeth Bates) on 16 Nov 1760 (St Mary’s, Whitechapel)