William Cray

The William Cray (or perhaps Croy) recruited by HMS David in Aug 1790 was 26 years old when he joined the Pandora as an Able seaman.(Adm.36/11085)  The IGI records a Wm. Croy who ‘fits’ the age criterion of the Pandora’s Wm. Cray

IA) William Croy, male
Birth date: 4 May 1764
Baptism date & place: 4 June 1764, Stronsay, Orkney
Father’s name Robert Croy; Mother’s name Margaret Chalmers
Two brothers:
IB) Edward
IC) Robert

There was another Robert Croy in Stronsay at the time (1760s and 1770s) who was married to a Mary Brock. They were also having a family during the 1760s but did not have a son named William; possibly however, both Roberts Croy were first cousins, with the same paternal grandfather.