Most likely Orcadians

Of the 8 Orcadians names in the Pandora’s muster, some are ‘more likely’ on historical / archaeological grounds to be Tom, Dick or Harry:

  •  Houston survived the voyage so he can immediately be eliminated;
  •  Murray and Scott died during other voyage events, so they are also ruled out;
  •  Croy, Eglington, Fea, Mackey and Miller are left as the primary candidates among the Orcadians who were part of the crew and died during the wreck;
  • Stewart (a prisoner, not-Pandora crew, not mentioned in the muster) should not be forgotten nor eliminated as he too died during the wrecking – but on historical and archaeological grounds it can be argued that it is less likely that he is one of T D or H because eyewitness accounts put him ‘in the water’ before the Pandora sank – i.e. he jumped off the ship and drowned after being hit on the head by a gangway that smashed down on him while he was swimming away from the sinking ship. Therefore it is likely that he ‘floated or drifted away’ to be consumed by the denizens of the deep (so to speak) whereas T D & H were found within the confines of the wreck remains.

Indeed I have always argued that two of the skeletons (Tom & Dick) were most probably the 2 men who –surgeon Hamilton says- died during accidents on board while the crew were trying to keep afloat the ship. They would probably have been taken below to be ‘buried at sea’ after the crew had saved the ship AND they may even have been sown into makeshift ‘body bags’ which would have protected the bodies somewhat; at least kept the bones together.

Harry’s location within the wreck makes him more of “a mystery” – although of course a hypothetical scenario can be posited to account for his apparent whereabouts (in the officers’ store) during the wrecking    (‘Harry the thief or Harry the confused, scared sailor’ or Harry the first casualty’)



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