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Cathleen Spence (OFHS) put me touch with Heather Croy whose husband Jim descends from a Robert Croy and Mary Brock who were married in Stronsay ca. 1755.

This Robert Croy was however not the same man as a contemporary Robert Croy –also on Stronsay- who was the Pandora’s William Croy’s father Robert, married to a Margaret Chalmers.  Possibly however, these 2 Roberts Croy were 1st cousins, with a common paternal grandfather.

Heather Croy subsequently advised me that her genealogy of her husband James Croy’s ancestors went back as far as Robert Croy and Mary Brock; her e-mail dd. 23 Sept said she was

‘able to trace a direct line from my husband to Robert Croy / Mary Brock – but it is through Jean Croy, a daughter of Magnus (son of Robert & Mary) But: Jean Croy (daughter of Magnus) married James Croy. I have some evidence to suggest that James is possibly a son of Robert Croy (your William’s brother). So my husband may have a direct male line if James is a son of Robert Croy jnr.’

A later email from Heather said that there was also  ‘evidence to suggest that the same William’s brother Robert also had a son called William who married Margaret Croy (Jean’s Sister) and emigrated to Australia with their family. They emigrated in 1851 on the Oregon to Adelaide. If this correct then brother and sister married brother and sister. There were at least 6 Croy families in Stronsay + Sanday and mainland Orkney at that time with families and a lot of Roberts! but not so many Williams. Using the Christian names is a good indicator of which belong together’ 

Confused? …..errr yeah a tad!  Especially as there appear to be several generations discussed in Heather’s mail. Even so, it strikes me that if the James Croy who married Jean Croy is indeed Pandora-William’s nephew, then Heather’s Jim Croy should have the same Y chromosome DNA.


  1. Marcena S. Croy says:

    Robert Croy ( born/ christened, May 21,1764)married to Mary Brock is my 4th greatgrandfather
    Robert Croy ( born/ christened Dec. 30,1766) married to Margaret Chalmers
    I have not followed up with sorting this out any further.

    • petergesner says:

      Hi Marcena
      Thanks for yr 3 messages

      The William Croy (b: 4/6/1764) who died in the Pandora was most probably the son of Robert Croy and Margaret Chalmers not the son of Robert Croy and Margaret Brock. Both sets of parents were contemporaries and resident in Stronsay to confuse things! He had 3 siblings it seems: 2 of whom were his brothers Edward and Robert; neither appear to have married or fathered sons. Margaret Brock gave birth to at least 7 children – including a Magnus, a James and a Peter (b Stronsay: between 1756-68)
      I have had considerable correspondence with one Heather Croy in the UK whose husband Jim descends from Robert Croy & Margaret Brock (fl 1755-70) . As it was possible that both Roberts were related – the assumption made was that they might have been 1st cousins (i.e. descended from the same grandfather) – Jim submitted a buccal swab for analysis by Dr Hughes (Sam Houston Uni) last year (Apr 2014)….. alas, no match with the ‘T, D & H’ signatures.

      I have had 2 more similar sets of correspondence with people who made a good case for being descended from the Pandora’s Rbt Fea and Jas Millar; this correspondence also amounting to a ‘no-match’ call.

      This correspondence was carried out off site – because of privacy considerations and not to needlessly clutter-up the site with a confusion of names and other b d m data.
      But I do remain hopeful that one day I will be fortunate enough to jag a name that produces a match.

      Thus the research I do is carried out opportunistically – i.e. when I receive good leads from a correspondent with evidence that someone is likely descended in direct male line from one of the Pandora’s 35 wreck dead.

      I must admit to being a little disappointed as far as the number of this kind of responses I have received to date is concerned – altho’ when I started the project I realised that it would not be a matter of just ‘shaking’ a few trees for results – altho’ the ‘incredible luck’ factor did occur to me. The Stewart name has provided the most responses so far, but to date most freq of Stewart responses are from ppl descended from George Stewart’s daughter and her (several) N American spouses.

      kind rgds
      Peter Gesner

  2. Marcia Croy-Vanwely says:

    It is now 2015 and having just found this site I wonder what is happening with the project.

  3. Marcena S. Croy says:

    Re Jane Croy married to James Croy,
    According to my records James Croys’ parents were Peter Croy and Margaret Drummond.

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