Richard Mackey (Mackie?)

Assuming this is the man who served in the Pandora, it seems this Richard Mackey (baptised in Stronsay 1765) only had one sibling: Margaret.  If that is the case, then a brick-wall of some description has appeared here. Unless his father Peter remarried and had sons (‘half brothers’) with another woman.  Any other suggestions anyone?

OPR print-out from Scotland’s People

Thanks to Brisbane-based family history researcher Lynda Hodgkinson for this detail; she sent it to me quite a while ago.



  1. CeCe Moore says:

    Did Peter have any male siblings? If so, try to follow their male descendants down to the present. If Peter didn’t have any brothers, did his father have any brothers? Because Y-DNA changes so slowly, you can keep stepping back one generation in Richard’s direct paternal line and tracing the male descendants down to the present day in order to find a suitable Y-DNA candidate.

  2. Carol Sullivan says:

    Is mitochondrial DNA present in these bones?? If so, since even sons get the DNA from their mother and just can’t pass it on, you could try tracing the sister’s descendants to see if there is any chance of finding one down a straight-line female descent to see if there’s a match on it.

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