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A Robert A. Clapperton Stewart (a major in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders) was photographed in uniform in 1915. Doug Allan sent me a copy along with some details about the Stewart connection with the Massater estate on South Ronaldsay. It is not yet clear to me how (if at all) Major Clapperton Stewart ‘fits in’ with Geo Stewart’s family.  His grandfather or great grandfather may be one of George Stewart’s nephews, descending from George’s brother Walter ? Alternatively there is a distant connection through one of George’s sisters who jointly inherited the estate ca. 1814 following the death, ‘without issue’ of  George’s brother Robert Stewart.

Major R.A. Clapperton-Stewart

I have found a reference to an article about the Stewarts of Massater written in 1912 by one  R A C S (= Major R.A. Clapperton S.) and published by the Viking Society for Northern Research in volume 6 of Old-Lore miscellany of Orkney, Shetland,Caithness and Sutherland.  The article details the various generations of Stewarts who lived in Massater, including the Bounty’s George Stewart. The major’s article throws some interesting light on George’s family and mentions a naval sword that might have belonged to George Stewart and calls him matter-of-factly , ”the lieutenant RN, one of the Bounty mutineers”.  

There also apparently was (is still?) a portrait of George’s brother Robert Stewart  (who died in 1813) once belonging to A.Francis Stewart, bequeathed to him ca. 1880 by Grace Turnbull-Stewart, second cousin to George’s sister Mary Stewart of Masseter (b:1780 Stromness)

Mary Stewart,  to whom Massater was bequeathed when Robert Stewart died in 1813.  Mary Stewart married the Rev John Barrie- they lived at Massater with several of Mary’s spinster sisters until the estate was inherited upon their deaths during the 1880s by Grace Turnbull-Stewart.   The estate was divided during the 1890s and eventually sold to the Keillor family.


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