The ‘other’ Orcadians

There are also the Pandora’s 2 Orcadians who died during other voyage events and were also “discharged dead”: James Murray (21) who died of illness on the way home after the wreck and James Scott (19) who was posted as missing (assumed dead)  with 4 other men before the wreck. Clearly neither could  be Tom, Dick or Harry!

And, although he survived the voyage and therefore cannot be either, Hugh Houston is also of interest, as I am wondering whether he can be traced historically and whether his name was also misspelled by the Pandora’s clerk? Was his name Hourston, instead of Houston?

More importantly, is there a memory in Orkney of his account of the Pandora’s last voyage? Howie Firth recalls speaking to someone in Orkney (an ‘old timer’) decades ago who apparently referred to a whisper (‘rumour?’)  about George Stewart that was significantly different from one that has gained general currency. Unfortunately Howie did not pursue the source;  regretably the ‘old timer’ has since passed away.


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