George Stewart’s siblings

One of George’s sisters was Mary Stewart (born in the White House in Stromness ca 1780)  The 1841 Scotland census attests that at age 60 she was living in the Manse of Shapinsay; her husband being Revd. John Barry (b: 1783)  – a Presbytarian minister. There were no names in the census record of any dependant children living with them in this household at the time. But they did have  a son : Lt Robert Barry RN.

With several of her sisters  (Williamina, Jean and Isabella) Mary also inherited c. 1813 the Masseter estate in South Ronaldsay upon the death of their brother Robert (‘without issue’) She may have lived there ( or in Stromness) – even after her marriage to John Barry in 1810. Her brother-in-law Rev. George Barry (born c. 1796) was also recorded as a member of the household at the Manse, together with three ‘female servants’.

Williamina Stewart also married a clergyman – Robert Sands. They had a daughter who was named Wilhelmina – presumably for her mother; two of George’s sisters Jean and Isabella apparently remained spinsters.

According to Major Clapperton-Stewart, Wilhelmina Sands also married a man of the cloth (the Rev Turnbull of Tingwall)  Their daughter Grace Turnbull-Stewart -one of 15 children- eventually inherited Masseter when Mary Barry -Stewart’s heir Henrietta Stewart (b. 1796) George’s niece died c 1880 – she was a daughter of George’s brother Walter.

Unfortunately this female lineage is not useful in terms of my search for male Pandora wreck descendants.

George’s brother Walter’s line  may provide useful clues; although Major Clapperton-Stewart would have it that Walter Stewart died in 1782.  Yet there appears to be documentary evidence that indicates Walter Stewart had several sons who carried on into mid 19th C the male line from George’s father Alexander Stewart of Masseter.


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