Richard Mackey (Mackie?)

Assuming this is the man who served in the Pandora, it seems this Richard Mackey (baptised in Stronsay 1765) only had one sibling: Margaret.  If that is the case, then a brick-wall of some description has appeared here. Unless his father Peter remarried and had sons (‘half brothers’) with another woman.  Any other suggestions anyone?

OPR print-out from Scotland’s People

Thanks to Brisbane-based family history researcher Lynda Hodgkinson for this detail; she sent it to me quite a while ago.


Orkney research trip (June 2012)

Stromness high street

I made a preliminary trip to Orkney to discuss my project with the Orkney Family History Society (OFHS) as is it likely I will continue to require assistance, hints and guidance from local genealogists.

During my brief visit I met with Howie Firth, whom I have been in email and phone contact with since mid April.  Howie is the convener of the annual Orkney International Science Festival (OISF) – his  enthusiasm for further research about the Pandora’s Orkney connections has been very stimulating and rewarding in terms of good local contacts and helpful suggestions. Howie also invited me to present a paper at the 2012 OISF.

I also had positive discussions with OFHS members George Gray and Cathleen Spence and noted the facilities offered by the Orkney Library & Archives to help track Orcadian ancestors. George helped me find the baptism record of Richard Mackey (Stronsay, 1765)

I hope to continue comparing notes with family historians –in Orkney and elsewhere- who may already have constructed family trees with the names of the Pandora’s Orcadians who died in the wreck.