After the wrecking

Names of the 18 Pandoras who died after the wrecking. These men survived the wreck and most also survived the open boat voyage from Pandora’s Entrance to Timor and on to Batavia (Jakarta) They subsequently fell ill from fevers and other diseases they caught along the way; especially in Batavia which was notorious for its unhealthy climate.

Name                                  Rating                     Location

Thomas Barker                      AB                      Surabaya Hospital

William Clements             Armourer            On board VOC Rembang

John Murphy                           AB                     On board VOC Rembang

John Davis                                Ord                    On board VOC Rembang

Alexander Montgomery     Carpenter       Batavia Hospital

Dennis Mahoney                 Cook                     Batavia Hospital

Robert Milton                           AB                      Batavia Hospital

John Patterson                        AB                       Batavia Hospital

William Pilch                           AB                        Batavia Hospital

James Connell                       Ord                         Batavia Hospital

William Oliver                 Master’s mate         On board VOC Vredenburg

William Farrell                         AB                       On board VOC Vredenburg

Thomas Lindsey                Qtr-master             On board VOC Hoornweg

John Ph. Fenwick              Midshipman           On board VOC Hoornweg

James Brown                          AB                            On board VOC Hoornweg

James Murray                         AB                           On board VOC Zwaan

Charles Pummel                     AB                           On board VOC Zwaan

Robert Orchard                      Ord                         Cape Town hospital