Before the wrecking

2 crew died of natural causes before the ship was wrecked:

  • James Johnson, one of the bosun’s mates, died off Rio de Janeiro; and
  • Ordinary seaman Henry Adams died off Vanikoro.

Both were ‘buried at sea’ – i.e. committed to the deep.

5 men were ‘discharged dead’ -considered lost at sea-  in May 1791 off Palmerston’s Island, west of Tahiti. They had been ashore in the ship’s cutter looking for signs of the Bounty and/or its crew. They were separated from the Pandora during a heavy squall. The cutter’s 4 man crew included Joseph Cunningham, the bosun’s son, as well as James Scott, James Good and William Wasdell; and was under command of midshipman John Sival.  No signs were ever found of the cutter and its 5 crew; they disappeared without trace!