Robert Fea

The project’s viability was demonstrated by the assistance I received from local Orkney family historian Bill Rendell, whom I e-mailed a few days ago in re the Fea name.

Bill instantaneously put me in touch with a correspondent of his (Thomas W. Fea) in California who claims direct descent from a C18th Orcadian, James Fea (born about 1770) – this immediately presented the possibility that this James Fea was a brother or a first cousin of the Pandora’s Robert Fea, another of the Pandora’s Orcadians.

So, Thomas W. Fea’s DNA profile being to hand already, I forwarded it as a pdf. to Bond University on the Australian Gold Coast .

And for a short time –while Sheree Hughes checked her results against ‘California’ Thomas Fea’s DNA signature – there was the very real and exciting prospect that an incredible stroke of pure beginner’s luck was about to happen with a positive match… But alas, word from Dr Hughes advised that Thomas’ Y chromosome signature neither matched Tom nor Dick or Harry’s!

I wonder, does this indicate now definitively that neither Tom and Dick nor Harry was Robert Fea?


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