The Pandora’s Robert Bowler had a sister called Theodosia to whom, according to the Pandora’s pay book, his ‘neat wages’ were paid out. This fact identified the Pandora’s Robert Bowler among at least 4 other people in Britain listed in the Latter Day Saints’ IGI named Robert Bowler who were roughly the same age, i.e. born ca. 1765 ± 1 However, only one of whom had a sister with the uncommon name Theodosia!

The Pandora’s James Cullimore could also be identified by a sister, among at least 5 other like-named people in Britain, listed in the IGI who were born in roughly the same period. In Cullimore’s case he had nominated his sister Eleanor as the beneficiary of a will he had lodged with the Admiralty prior to the Pandora’s departure; in which moreover, his sister was described as a ‘milliner and mantua-maker from Bromley.’ (Adm. 36/11136)

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