Tom & Dick

Most likely, Tom & Dick are the two men who died before the ship sank.
Although he did not mention the names of the two men, Surgeon Hamilton’s account describes their deaths in detail. 
“… she now took a heel, and some of the guns they were endeavoring to throw over board run down to leeward, which crushed one man to death; about the same time, a spare topmast came down from the booms, and killed another man.”

 (Hamilton, 1998:105/6)

This is the only reference to these fatalities, so we cannot be sure about what happened to these two men afterwards. It is assumed that they were taken below decks, to be buried at sea after the crew had saved the ship. Probably to the surgeon’s cabin. This scenario can be considered a fairly likely one, as Tom and Dick’s remains were found in the vicinity of the surgeon’s cabin. The two unnamed men were included in the tally of 31 crew who perished during the wrecking.

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